Secure trip GPS location sharing for carpools, families, commuters, and friends

Set. Forget.

Ziptrip℠ let's you notify family and friends that you're on your way to your destination, securely shares your location with them while you travel, and notifies them when you arrive. It's great for carpoolers, commuters, families, and friends. You choose who to share each trip with, and your location is securely sent from your device to theirs – and it’s shared only for the duration of the trip.

Drive and ride safely.

Don't text to let others know you're delayed by traffic. Ziptrip℠ updates them so that you can keep your hands on the wheel – or your handlebars.

Ziptrip℠ notifies your fellow carpoolers that you're on the way to pick them up. They'll know when you're arriving so that they can be ready to go.

Simple. Secure.

  • Choose a destination.

  • Select friends and family from your contacts. Save your trip for later if you like.

  • When you start your trip, they’ll receive a notification.

  • As you travel, they can view your progress on a map.

  • Your location is sent securely from your device to theirs.

  • Just before you arrive at your destination they’ll receive another notification.

Additional Features

Save and organize your frequent trips into groups.

If you need to enter a street address, the extra keyboard number row makes it more convenient.

Start groups of trips sequentially or all at once. Perfect for carpools and multiple pick-ups!

Adjust your arrival notification distance or use your default.

Change to the dark UI theme if you like.

The Ziptrip℠ Today widget keeps you updated on shared trips without unlocking your phone.

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